Review: St. Marys Georgia KOA Campground

While trying to test out my new camper, I decided to camp somewhere close to home, which happened to be the Jacksonville North / St. Marys Georgia KOA Campground. Somewhere, I could still go into the office and do another “test run” through the weekend.

There are a couple of campgrounds in Jacksonville, but since I signed up for the KOA Value Kard, I went with a KOA property again. The card was $33 for the year, saving you 10 percent every time you stay at a KOA site.

St. Marys Georgia KOA Campground Costs

Since I was staying three nights, I paid $53 the first night and $58 the next two nights for a full hookup 30 amp lot. The KOA Value Kard saved me $16.90 for the weekend.

First Impressions of the St. Marys KOA Campground

KOA Campground Convenience Store

Checking Out My Campsite

After taking my payment and providing a quick layout of the land, I was on the way to my campsite.

My site was C05. It had a 30 amp power hookup, fresh water, and two sewer outlets. If you’re wondering why it had two sewer hookups, some of the bigger units have two black or grey tanks, so it can be accommodated if you have a large camper or RV.

The campsite was not leveled, so I used my leveling blocks under the left tires to level the camper. Also, there are some low-lying areas around the campsite, so watch where you step when you’re plugging in the power cord. You don’t want to hold 30 or 50 amps of power while standing in a puddle.

The St. Marys Georgia KOA Campground at Night

The property seemed very quiet at night. You didn’t hear anyone playing loud music or being loud by the campfire. Realizing that this can vary from night to night, the property has quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

The campground is right off Interstate 95, and I was worried that there might be a lot of noise from tractor-trailers at night, but it wasn’t bad. However, if you’re tent camping, there might be a bit of interstate noise.

WiFi Speeds

internet speed at  koa kingsland st. marys

Using my phone as a hotspot was much faster than connecting to the campground’s WiFi router. The speed was comparable to dial-up internet, with upload and download speeds of 1.5 Mbps. My iPhone on the T-Mobile network was 23.5 Mbps upload and 10.7 Mbps download.

Bathroom Facilities

KOA Campground Bathroom Facilities

If there is one improvement this campground could use, it would be the bathroom facilities. The men’s restroom smelled like urine the first night I was there, and the facility is outdated.

The baseboards have signs of mold, and the tile is funky. I’d highly recommend wearing flip-flops to the bathroom and inside the shower.

That said, the water pressure was great and the showers were hot. 

KOA Campground Bathroom Facilities inside

As a side note, while it’s commendable that the campsite is environmentally friendly with hand dryers and no hand towels in the restroom, I felt there should be paper towels available. In a time when people are constantly washing their hands, no one wants to air dry their hands only to touch a bathroom door to exit. 

Walking Around The Campground 

KOA Campground Amenities

During my stay, I was able to walk the entire grounds and was pleased with the amenities offered, such as the campground general store with camping supplies and equipment that was priced reasonably.

KOA Campground Pool Amenities

However, you’re only a few miles from Walmart, so you can always price-shop the general store to determine pricing before buying.

KOA Campground Mini Golf

There was an 18-hole miniature golf course, a dog park, a pool with a slide (complete with a tiki bar), laundry facilities, trash/recycle bins, and a dump station by the park exit. 

Final Thoughts 

KOA Campground Camper Camping

Overall, this campground is solid for any South Georgia KOA Campground. Given the region’s moisture and humidity, the outside elements will impact public areas like restrooms, decks, and pool areas.