7 Best and Cool Camping Gear Worth Purchasing Ideas

What are the latest and greatest gadgets when it comes to camping gear? This could be anything from the most efficient fuel stove on the market to the latest solar technology. Some must-have camping gear has been around a long time but is often overlooked or forgotten about. 

While none of these gadgets are necessary to camp, they make camping much more enjoyable. Whatever it is, showing off your cool gear and using it makes camping even more fun.

Camping Gear to Elevate Your Experience

best and cool camping gear ideas

1. Roaster Sticks

These have been around a long time. My parents got a set of roller roaster sticks as a wedding gift back in the ‘80s. We still have the original two which are still semi-functioning and have added two more to our collection.

Over the last 40 years, the design hasn’t changed. The roaster stick is a two-prong telescoping fork that can rotate within its handle. Pop a hotdog, bratt or marshmallow on the end and roast over the fire to perfection.

The rotating handle allows you to spin the roaster stick easily in one hand to assure even cooking on all sides. When you are done, burn off the extra food from the end, allow the roaster to cool, and collapse the roaster back down for storage. 

2. Grilled Cheese Press

The grilled cheese maker is another piece of gear that has been around a long time but is often overlooked. Two small cast iron plates attached to long handles that fold and lock together and can then be placed in the fire. While the press works great for grilled cheese, you can also make burgers, pizza pockets or other creative campfire meals. The best part is that the cast iron barely needs any cleaning when you are done.

3. Cast Iron Pan or Dutch Oven

campfire cooking

Having cast iron cookware for camping is a game-changer. The pans can be placed directly in the fire and barely need any cleaning when you are done cooking. The dutch oven takes the cast iron pan to the next level.

Essentially, using the dutch oven is like using a slow cooker, except you place it in the fire to cook. Put all your ingredients into the dutch oven and hang out around the fire while your food cooks inside. If you plan on doing this, it’s best to start your fire a little earlier so your food will be done in time for dinner. 

4. Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove originally started as an energy-efficient backpacking stove. The stove allowed you to efficiently burn small pieces of kindling and tinder instead of packing liquid fuel. Since then, Solo Stove has adapted the original design to burn large pieces of firewood.

The Solo Stove Bonfire allows you to efficiently burn full-sized firewood in a controlled firepit with no smoke. Air passes up through the bottom of the stove and is heated around the sides. This hot air is able to burn efficiently and create a smoke-free fire. This portable fire pit is great for camping in places you may not be able to find or make a fire ring. 

5. Solar Shower

If you’re going to be spending multiple nights camping, a solar shower is a great investment. The shower is a relatively simple design but is a great addition to your camping set up. At the beginning of the day, fill the water bladder and leave it in the sun. Throughout the day the solar energy will warm the bag and water inside.

When you get back to your campsite at the end of the day, you’ll have warm water to rinse off in. The solar shower can be used for car camping or backpacking. 

6. Inflatable Solar Lantern

Solar-powered camping gear is great to have especially if you camp somewhere it’s usually sunny. The inflatable solar lantern folds down to a flat solar panel that can be attached to a backpack when not in use. When you are ready to use the lantern, you inflate it like a beach ball.

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The inflated lantern disperses light just like a hard-plastic lantern but without the weight. Some inflatable solar lanterns can charge small devices like phones or cameras. 

7. Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

Having your camp kitchen dialed makes camping a whole lot easier. When car camping, there isn’t a limit on what you can bring for your camp kitchen. Having an assortment of stacking pots as well as serving utensils makes camp cooking a lot easier. Having a kitchen chuck box makes cooking even more efficient.

The chuck box is a wooden box with various compartments and shelves that allow you to organize your kitchen into a portable box. This is something you could buy on Esty or easily make yourself.